Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A solar PPA is now the most popular method for businesses to take advantage of solar for no money down. O3 Energy Solutions Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows energy consumers to avoid the expensive capital costs of solar panels, inverters, permits and construction. With a PPA, an energy consumer pays for the electricity generated by the solar array, through a service agreement, for a fixed period of time. PPA's are not a financing mechanism, like traditional loans or leases from lenders. After the initial term has expired, the energy consumer can purchase the system with a buy-back option or enter into a new PPA.

Benefits of a PPA

  • Monthly payments per unit electricity delivered
  • Solar PPA electricity reduces your grid electricity purchases
  • Flexible lease terms between 10-20 years with extension and early buyout options
  • We maintain and manage the system throughout the solar PPA term

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