13SEP 2016

O3 Energy Solutions Announces Expansion Into Residential Market

The company is now expanding operations into residential solar through a new entity called O3 Home Solar.

September 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DALLAS, TX -- The company has decided to bring green energy to the residential market in Texas, with a focus on a pipeline of projects starting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After several years of completing small and large scale commercial projects across the globe, the company has been led to provide resources locally to cater to homeowners starting in the DFW area. O3 Home Solar will be based out out of Dallas, Texas and geared towards pioneering an alternative method for quality energy production and storage for homeowners throughout Texas. The state leads the way when it comes to electricity consumption and entering into the residential market is no surprise for this Dallas based company. "We are really excited to not only expand our operations, but do something that can now impact the community around us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area." said Preston Howell, Director of Marketing "This move into residential much more than an additon to our service offering, it's an opportunity to give back our resources to the local community as we try to become a greener state that is less reliant on fossil fuels for energy production in our future."

Through O3 Energy Solution's financing relationships, residents in Texas will now be able to receive a loan for solar energy systems and finance ownership of their solar system with no money down. Due to the customer owning the system, they can apply for the federal investment tax credit to lower their monthly payment. During each project, O3 Home Solar will design, install, and maintain the system, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy with no up-front investment. The company's recent growth is indicative of the growing adoption of residential solar as a mainstream energy alternative for homeowners. Currently the company has hired 15 new employees, and hopes to continue to add more jobs following the development of expansion into this new market.

Learn more at www.o3homesolar.com

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Since 2011, Dallas-based O3 Energy Solutions has provided energy solutions to heavy power users. It specializes in the development, construction, and operations of energy generation systems and facilities. The company provides clients with affordable clean energy through onsite generation. For more information, please visit www.o3energysolutions.com

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