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About O3 Home Solar

Clean, Safe, Renewable Energy of the future.

As a project developer and installer of residential solar systems, O3 Home Solar approaches each customer on a project by project basis to ensure that they receive the best consulting and solar installation that is appropriate for their home and their specific lifestyle. If you are looking to save money on your electric bill and want to work with one of the top solar providers in the state of Texas you have came to the right place. Click here to request your quote today!

Lower Energy Costs

With a solar system, you can generate free power over a 25-30 year life cycle. Even if you do not produce all of the energy you consume, your utility bills will be much smaller and save you lots of money.

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Increase Property Value

Did you know that buildings and homes equipped with on-site solar systems have higher property values, sometimes selling twice as fast and at a premium of 3-4% over similar homes?

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Invest In The Future

The future of energy is in renewables. By converting to solar energy today you will be a step ahead of the rest, not to mention you will be bettering the enviornmment. Just think the future is available today!

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Looking to SAVE money on your electric bill?

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